Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~Cannonball swing in silver~

E53 ~Cannonball swing in silver~

A delightfully charming piece which bringsup the thought of pendulum rounds swiminging, almost like cannonballs! Accents of silver top off the dark colours!

Made with silver bead leaf caps, silver earhooks, jet-black acrylic faceted rounds and silver chains

Retail price: S$11.90!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

~Cannonball swing in gold~

E52 ~Cannonball swing in gold~


A delightfully charming piece which reminds me, strikingly, of pendulum rounds swinging! Tastefully decorated with gold accents to upp the bling factor!

Ingredients include jet-black acrylic faceted rounds, gold bead caps, gold earhooks and chains

Retail price: S$11.90!

Email me at or drop me a tag for more details!

E51 ~Bejewelled~
Little sparkly bits teamed with gold and bling! A great addition easy to pair and just lights up your eyes!

Ingredients include assorted swarvoski crystals and bicones, acrylic teardrops, gold earhooks, chains and findings

Retail price: 11.50!

Monday, May 17, 2010


E50 ~Helisa~

Just a play on spirals and shapes! Topped off with little golden dragonflies for that ooomph boost in gold!

Made with bronze spiral charms, silver leaf caps, silver-coated earhooks and chain, gold-plated dragonfly charms

Retail price: S$12.00!

Monday, March 1, 2010


E49 ~Dart~

Lithe silver butterflies darting around, with light colours of spring and hues of sweetness!

Made with silver butterfly charms, silver chains, swarvoski yellow rounds, pink crystals and silver findings

Retail price S$11.00!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

~Floral Drop~

E48 ~Floral Drop~

Something to jazz up an outfit in a sweet, understated way! Drop earrings are ever classic, and this pair is unique with its special flower claybeads!

Made with teardrop claybeads, silver chains and earhooks, green metallic roses and silver findings

Retail price: S$10.00!
~Sun Goddness~

E47 ~Sun Goddness~

Bright, sexy and attractive! Definitely a head-turner piece, without being too loud!

Made with swarvoski blood red crystals, gold sun filigrees, gold earhooks and findings

Retail price: S$10.50!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Customisation for Ruiyi's 21st!

Gold-themed earrings with butterflies, totally in tune with her birthday party! Happy Birthday :D!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


E45 ~Cambert~

This eye-catching piece goes well with dark hair; it's the absolute cutest, complete with a snowflake, reindeer and antlers! A great gift to yourself for Christmas!

Made with gold-plated earhooks, reindeer and snowflake charms

Retail price: S$9.00!
For enquiries/purchase, email me at!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


E44 ~Goldilocks~


Playfulness with a twist! I wanted to create the look of tiny beads dangling down a larger round bead, and hey it turned out to look like a little girl with gold locks! A Christmassy feel! :D

Made with green rounds, acrylic clear teardrop, gold hooks, peach seed beads and gold findings

Retail price: S$11.50!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


E43 ~Marq~

Modernistic sleek! Dangling merrily from the base of the silver hoops, the beads bring on an eye-catching play with movement!

Made with silver frames, assorted swarvoski pearl beads, swarvoski crystal flowers, silver chains and findings
Drop of approx 6cm

Retail price: S$12.00!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


E42 ~Sarche~

Pink and black in a combination! Plus green bits and olive-yellow leaves make the look easy to carry off!

Made with acrylic black teardrop, clay roses, silver earhooks, green beads and leaf charms

Retail price: S$11.00!

For enquiries/purchase, email me at!
~Square Affair~

E41 ~Square Affair~

The name rhymes! Unique silver square frames go off nicely with swarvoski pearls and bicones on the top, balanced neatly with light grey-purple oblong pearl beads at the end!

Ingredients include silver coated frames, purple swarvoski rounds, earhooks, clear and pink swarvoski crystals and silver chains and findings

Retail price: S$11.50

E40 ~Plush~
Another beadcap-pearl addition to the starter! Lovely light colours of purple pearl beads paired with swirls on the silver caps!

Made with pearl beads, earhooks, silver findings and cone bead caps

Retail price: S$10.60!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


E39 ~Cap'im~


Something new to try out! This pair is good to go with a classic up-do for any function! Love how simple and elegant it gets, makes me think of what a dancer would wear!

Ingredients include silver bead caps, earhooks, olive green pearl beads and silver findings

Retail price: S$14.00!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


E38 ~Quice~

Classy elegance! A pair of real striking earrings, good to pair with up-do hair for that special occasion! I do love how the dark wooden pieces complement with gold!

Made with swarvoski donut crystals, gold ear hooks, gold bead caps, imported black wooden blocks (from Aust), gold chains and findings

Retail price: S$19.00!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


E37 ~Iryin~

Dainty danglies! Yin and Yang version with different hues of green! Sweet to the max!

Made with stacked flowers, faux pearl beads, silver filigrees, frosted teardrops and silver coated earhooks

Retail price: S$12.00!
For purchase/enquiries, contact me at!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


E36 ~LiLy~

Elegance with style! My mom came up with this design together with me, so this first pair will be a present for her! (:

Made with lucite lily flower charms, silver chains and earhooks, pearl beads and Padparadscha swarvoski teardrops

Retail price: S$11.80!
Customisation-cum-lesson for YH, for Joyce!

My first time teaching making earrings! Simple and pleasant product!

Made with silver wiring, peach crystal donuts, silver holders and earhooks


E35 ~Raindrops~

I've always wondered how long it takes a single raindrop to fall from the sky to the ground on Earth! A classy attention-drawing piece this is!

Made with royal blue rounds, silver chains, rodium bead caps, silver ear-studs and findings

Retail price: S$9.90!
~Silver Love~

E34 ~Silver Love~

Sweet and classy pair of earrings with pleasant colours; easy to match!

Made of lilac clay roses, filigrees, silver earhooks, silver heart charms, chains and findings

Retail price: S$12.00!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


E33 ~Cheri£~
[Only one available!]

Pretty deep pink paired with the earthy tones of the lovely lentil claybeads! Just one exquisite pair!

Made with deep pink clay flowers, bronze hoops, silver earhooks, handmade claybead by Ade, silver chains and findings Drop of approx 9cm

Retail price: S$15.00!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

~Forbidden Desire~

E32 ~Forbidden Desire~

Looks just like an overhead apple with an ice leaf! Tinge of black that oozes an edge and just a slightly mismatched combination to complete the look! So pretty, I'm keeping one for myself! My favourite pair of earrings now!

Ingredients include clear green swarvoski rounds, white bead caps, gold hoops and earhooks, black glass teardrops and silver and gold beads

Retail price: S$12.20!

For enquiries/purchase, drop me an email at!

E31 ~Maiden~
[Only 1 pair available!]

A sweet, pastel pair of earrings with hues of pink and purple. Love the oblong seashell charms!

Made with pearl-white seashell charms, embellished earhooks, pearl beads, bronze rose charms, milky pink swarvoski bicones, silver chains and glass beads
Drop of approx 8cm

Retail price: S$13.60!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


E30 ~Cherry~
[2 remakes SOLD!]

A dainty pair for the sweet one!

Made with pink flower clay charms, gold bead caps, black glass teardrops and gold earhooks

Retail price: S$11.00!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


E29 ~Bellisima~

Gold earrings that dangle like chandeliers! Pretty and very striking against dark hair!

Made with green metallic rose, gold chandeliers, gold earhooks, clear glass teardrop, bronze pearl beads and gold flower cap

Retail price: S$12.90!

Friday, February 20, 2009

~Sea Treasure~

E28 ~Sea Treasure~
[Only 1 pair available!]

So named because of the ocean's precious living creatures! Seahorses, pearl clams and seashells galore! My favourite for this time!

Made of black glass teardrop, silver seahorse charm, rodium wiring, sea-blue swarvoski round, open clamshell charm, pink donut round, rainbow seashell charm, black swarvoski bicone and silver hooks
Drop of approx 7cm

Retail price: S$15.90!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


E27 ~Dwing-a-ling~

The blue bell flowers remind me of what else, bells! Hence it's name of a phrase I tend to utter when I hear bells! An ornamental pair of earrings, pleasing to the eye!

Made up of blue glass bell flowers, frosted mini teardrops, gold hoops and bronze pearl beads

Retail price: S$10.90!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

~Pink Blossom~

E26 ~Pink Blossom~

Pretty and sweet with a touch of deep red! Show off your girly side this Valentine's Day!

Ingredients include silver bell hook charms, flower beads, pink swarvoski crystals, silver chains and earhooks
Drop of approx 6cm

Retail price: S$12.00!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

~Fuore~ (Customisation for Vera!)

Version Two Customisation

E25 ~Fuore~
[Customisation - unavailable]

Fiery! Pretty glass beads imported from Aust! Simple wiring makes up the look!

Made with rodium wiring, silver earhooks, bronze pearl beads, fiery orange and silver rectangular glass beads and gold heart charm

Retail price: S$10.00!

For more information/enquiries, email me at!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

As a birthday gift to Julia!

Simple with a dash of glam with gold!

Yellow clay rose, large bronze-green baubles, wooden round beads, gold chains and earring loops, and gold star charm

Monday, January 19, 2009


E23 ~Brianna~
[Only 1 available!]

Light, soothing colours serve as inspiration for this mismatched piece! Really sweet without being over-the-top!

Made with butterfly filigree, purple bell flower, silver earhooks, pink and clear swarvoski crystals, silver chain, bronze bell flowers and cream purple teardrop Drop of 6cm for longer side

Retail cost: S$14.00!

Send any enquiries to
or leave a note at my tagboard!


E22 ~Swallow~
[Only 1 available!]

Extremely eye-catching! I love how the swallow looks as though it's diving amongst the flowers - it seems to be alive! I couldn't really decide whether to make this an earring or pendant, so it's going to be available as both!

Ingredients include gold swallow charm, purple and silver stacked flowers, white lily flower, pearls, silver and rodium chains
Inclusive of gold earhooks as an one-sided earring!
Inclusive of a silver chain and lobster clasp as a necklace!

Retail price: S$10.00 (as an one-sided earring!)
S$13.90 (as a necklace!)